Very disappointed

Wow. Stopped at Jack in the Box today to get a quick sandwich and I really don’t think I’ll be stopping there ever again. Here’s a copy of the email I just sent to their corporate HQ:

“I stopped in to one of your locations in san francisco today on my way to work. My intent was to pick up a sandwich for breakfast. Instead, I was witness to an unfortunate incident.

As I stood there waiting for my food a homeless man came in. I assume he came in to use the restroom or something of that nature. He was quiet and inoffensive and didn’t bother anyone as he came in, he merely walked in and started walking back towards where the restrooms are as anyone would do.

He was immediately accosted by the store manager and another employee, who shouted at him in spanish. They were aggressive, demeaning and used a tone one would use to address a dog. The man mentioned he just wanted to use the restroom at which point the employee mopping the floor began to get physically aggressive with him, posturing and attempting to goad him into an altercation. The few of us “acceptable” customers who were in the store all looked obviously uncomfortable by the behavior your employees exhibited.

The homeless man turned around and walked out, at which point the employee sped him on with a few parting demeaning comments (I assume they were demeaning, the tone they were delivered in was offensive at the least but I didn’t hear them clearly enough).

I am ashamed. What ever happened to basic common decency towards another human being? I am disgusted at this behavior by your manager and employees and I am asking you now, is this Corporate policy for Jack in the Box? Is it your policy to aggressively demean people because of their unfortunate socioeconomic status? If so, I can assure you I will no longer be purchasing anything from your restaurants and I will be sure to clearly and concisely communicate your corporate policies to my friends so they can decide how to react as well.

I understand there may be mitigating circumstances, this store may have had a hard time with homeless people, etc however nobody should be treated as I saw them treated today with a complete and utter lack of basic human respect. Nobody should be treated like they are filth blown in off the street and even if there were mitigating circumstances this could have been handled in a much more gracious manner.”

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