What a Great Sunday

Sometimes sundays fall together and just “work”, you know what I mean?

Up early this morning with my lovely wife and shared a pot of the last of my homeroasted Sweet Maria’s blend French Roast. She took off to spend the day in Sac-town with her sister and I puttered around. I made myself a great breakfast (bacon, eggs, hashbrowns) to start everything off right.

After that I put together a loaf of whole wheat bread using my house recipe (I bake all of our own bread… although I cheat and use a bread machine). Then I roasted a half pound of Ethiopan Yirga Cheffe in my new Behmor 1600. After that roast, I pulled out a half pound of Brazilian Daterra Santa Colomba and roasted it up too, so after 3 or 4 days rest we should have some really good coffee. Seems such a waste to put it through the drip machine and I’ll use the Bodum as much as I can.

The Yirga Cheffe was the last of my stash of that bean. The first half pound (of a 1 lb batch) was my first roast ever and, well, it sucked really bad. I was very paranoid and way underroasted it, stopping the roast just as the bean started to enter first crack. The resulting coffee is sour and honestly upsets my stomach. This time I roasted it to all the way to just into 2nd crack, probably somewhere around a FC+ level but definitely not to Vienna like I normally like (I’m not very good at determining final roast level numbers yet). Everyone says roast this bean to a regular city roast and it will bring out the lemon and citrus but I’m going to have a hard time breaking my dark roast habit I think.

The Daterra is another bean that’s getting a lot of press although the Santa Colomba is (I believe) a blend and not the top quality. I tried to just let it run through a normal P3 profile on the Behmor without me fiddling with it just to see what would happen. I maxed the half pound P3 profile to 15:30 and just let it rip, and it ended the roast just as the very first signs of 2nd crack were starting. This is a definite full city roast and we’ll see how it tastes after a few days.

After roasting coffee and cleaning up the garage I planted some cucumbers and Purple Queen bush beans. The snails and slugs ate all my red lettuce so I repurposed that part of the garden by building a couple of cucumber mounds. We have terribly thick clay soil so I’m not expecting much but we’ll see what happens.

After that I busted out some chores on the honeydo list, hanging robe hooks on the back of the door and installing a new light fixture. Then it was off to Sacra Tomato to pick up the wife (she drove a car up there to sell it, so she needed a ride back). Back home, then she jumped into bed (poor thing, she’s getting sick again and had the chills). I stayed up a bit longer, puttered around the house a little bit, played a couple of City of Heroes missions and then crawled into a nice warm bed chock full of dogs, cat and wife.

Yeah, it was a good Sunday.

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