The Art of Being Alone

I have lost the ability to be alone. I used to be extremely comfortable being alone but somewhere along the way I’ve become accustomed to a (sometimes) chaotic household with two dogs, a cat and a noisy morning person wife who delights in tormenting me when I’m sleep-addled. My wife has been out of town for two weeks and I’m about to go stir crazy.

I went from a crazy chaotic job environment in the video game industry to a quiet, conservative telecom programming job where I spend most of the day buried in a code editor and not talking to a single soul. I come home after work to a house with two hungry dogs who, although I love them dearly, just can’t seem to carry on a conversation with me. I bump around the house making myself dinner, cleaning up, messing around on the computer a little bit and then going to bed. All without speaking more than 10 minutes of conversation to a person throughout the day.

I’m not good at this. In fact, it sucks. I miss my wife and I’ll be very glad when she comes home. I’m married for a reason… I’m married because I love my wife and more important than that, I like her too. I miss her and I’ll be glad when comes home, even if she does make up crazy lyrics and purposely mangle The Piano Man just to drive me crazy.

One response to “The Art of Being Alone

  1. morning wifey

    I do not mess up Piano man! You just don’t know the correct words.

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