Woefully Absent

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing anything for a very long time and believe me, I feel the pain of not doing it.  It seems that unless I write regularly, I get all backed up and eventually start to get cranky.  I don’t really have a good excuse, mainly I’ve just been busy and letting some important things (like writing regularly) fall by the wayside.

Rox and I have also been experimenting with podcasting.  Well, mainly I’ve been pushing her and she’ll do it once I drag her to the mic kicking and screaming (at which point she does a tremendous job) but I don’t really think she has the “bug” so to speak.  I’ll probably start working on putting my own podcast together since I really don’t want to do our podcast without her there.  It just wouldn’t be right, and besides it’s my opinion that she sounds better than I do anyway so it’d be self-defeating to do it without her heh.

I did do a really nice birthday podcast for her, though.  If you are reading this and get a chance, go check it out. It has some really good podsafe music in it (in my opinion it’s really good, your mileage may vary).  It’s kinda sappy, but hey… come for the music, stay for the cheese :)

— WF

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