More Sun Death Throes?

Sun has announced the outsourcing of what remains of their IT staff. This impacts around 770 people according to numbers I’ve heard. I’ve also been told that just over half of them will be absorbed into CSC and the remainder will be handed their walking papers.

This upsets me mightily. It’s been three years since I was shown the door at Sun and it still smarts… mainly because the company has fallen so far from grace in my eyes. I still have people on the inside at Sun, people I care and worry about, and it bothers me to see them struggling. Sun was my dream job for many years and it was very hard to let go of that dream. It’s even harder when the dream doesn’t die peacefully. Lately, Sun has been a lot like a ham actor doing his first death scene in a play… it keeps thrashing around, getting back up, stumbling into the furniture, spinning around clutching it’s chest and keeling over again. About the time you stop looking over your shoulder to see if it’s going to twitch again it moans really loudly, gets up and thrashes around a bit more. Makes you just want to take a crowbar to it just to end the misery.

Anyone that has read me in the past or followed my archive links to my old blog has seen my ramblings on corporate ethics so I won’t necessarily rehash them here. However, I will stop just long enough to say a hearty “I told you so” even though I take no pleasure in the misery of Sun (hey, I still own Sun stock… some day it may be worth enough to use as toilet paper). I’m not big on schadenfreude, but I do have to say that I do feel just a little vindication. Sun left their roots far behind, they started putting business above core values and they alienated the people that made them strong. It’s unfortunate, because Sun was an incredible company with strong revenues, strong product offerings, brilliant people and cutting edge development. All that got squandered somewhere along the way.

All that remains is to start taking bets on who will buy them out. Stock price is around $4-$5 a share at the moment and has been there for a while now. I wonder who will finally leap on it, snap up all Sun’s patents and IP and then put the company out of it’s misery? Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if it were Microsoft? Just the thought makes me shudder…

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