We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Proof

The formal commission investigating the 9/11 tragedy has publicly stated they have found no link between Iraq, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Al-Qaida. I never believed this link existed in the first place, and have gotten into far too many coffee shop arguments over it. Bush, however, has decried the findings of the panel and continues to assert this mysterious link. His reasoning for this is simple, yet strangely Orwellian. He asserts that the findings are wrong, there is a link because there is a link. He is blithely unencumbered with any need for facts, evidence or proof. The world according to Dubya is simple and straightforward. Too bad he lives in Bizarro world.

Now, I’m not sure if George had any logic classes while he was getting his Ivy League education. If he did, I think it’s probably pretty obvious that he didn’t absorb what they were trying to teach him. In my world, at least, you are required to prove your statements and if this link did, in fact exist, I would think Dubya would have been on the ball and up front in providing it as fast as he could. Instead, he prevaricated, he stonewalled the commission, he refused to supply information and documents when requested, and if by example if not in direct action he encouraged his cabinet to do the same.

Supporters of loathsome legislation such as the Patriot Act like to tell us “if you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t be worried” whenever we bring up concerns. This sort of reasoning is scary, dangerous, and easily turned on it’s head to be pointed right back at the people who are so fond of using it. In this case, if Bush had nothing to hide vis a vis the 9/11 disasters and the alleged Hussein/Bin Laden link you’d think he’d whip out all his proof and do everything he could to assist. If he did have something to hide, however, you’d expect him to stonewall, bluff, lie and put off investigators with technicalities and loopholes. Which behavior has he actually done? Hmmm….

I still maintain that the primary reason Bush went into Iraq to get Hussein was to get back at the man for thumbing his nose at his father. None of his publicly stated motives have stood up to close examination; no weapons of mass destruction have been found, no Al Qaida terror camps were rooted out, and no link between Hussein and Bin Laden has been proven. Hell, even Al Qaida has gone on record as stating this link doesn’t exist, and you’d think they would leap at the chance to thumb their nose at us and claim widespread backing and support if it existed.

Bush went in to satisfy a petty and vindictive grievance. He leapt at the chance to justify this invasion in the wake of a national disaster. He fomented hate and aggression, brainwashing gullible or naïve people all over the country into believing his propaganda. He never even finished the job he initially started in Afghanistan; Bin Laden is still at large, still at the helm of Al Qaida and I’m quite sure still plotting mischief, mayhem and destruction. If Bush had spent half as much effort rooting out Bin Laden as he did in finding and capturing Hussein this sad chapter in world history would be drawing to a close by now instead of being continually drug out.

I don’t fault the man for his initial handling of Afghanistan. It was far past time to clean up that pit of Taliban vipers, and the rest of the world agreed and backed our moves there. We went in cleanly, precisely and with clear moral superiority. We foundered, lost steam, and lost our direction rather quickly though, especially with splitting our forces between the real evil (Bin Laden) and a pain-in-the-ass despot and target of opportunity (Hussein). Yes, Hussein really did need to be called to task for his past evils and current behavior but it was neither our right nor our responsibility to do it the way we did it.

Bush is a very scary man. His actions and influences are insidious. He shrouds himself in false morality and artificial righteousness, while hiding the heart of a thug and a bully beneath a smooth and benign exterior. He has lied and manipulated situations and facts in order to fit his own worldview, conveniently discarding any truth which interferes with his own version of reality. If we continue to follow him, he will eventually lead us straight over the edge of a cliff and I for one am stopping before that fatal plummet. I hope you will too. I hope you all will help me send a resounding “You’re Fired!” his way.

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